Preserving the Mt. Lebanon Community for future generations.
Growing a permanent philanthropic fund to sustain Mt. Lebanon's character.
Empowering donors to create a lasting legacy in Mt. Lebanon.
Enhancing the quality of life in Mt. Lebanon through managed philanthropy.

The Mt. Lebanon Community Endowment is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and was established to build and manage a permanent fund to bridge the growing gap between shrinking budgets and the increasing costs of maintaining the community’s character. Its objective is to provide a sustainable philanthropic vehicle that preserves and enhances the community for current and future generations.

With its highly rated school system, strong athletic programs, extensive green spaces, flourishing commercial districts and uniquely enriching extracurricular offerings, Mt. Lebanon is a community with character, and the Foundation presents an opportunity for donors to make contributions that will directly impact the programs about which they are most passionate.

The Foundation seeks to work collaboratively with donors and the community, providing
an opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to leave a lasting legacy for the
very community that fostered their own growth and prosperity. The Community Endowment
supports the community by making grants to programs, organizations and individuals in need.